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What's your wish?

It’s always growing season somewhere in the world. Notwithstanding the season, J.W. Lopes has access to the finest produce from other parts of the world. If we don’t list specific produce you need on our produce menu as a standard item, we’ll source it for you. And we’ll procure the unusual at the best possible price, keeping your costs in mind.

At J.W. Lopes, we buy direct from growers worldwide and from the most respected brokers in the industry. We source our produce nationally from Florida, Georgia and California and we support the local Massachusetts farmers in growing season. We have long-established relationships with growers and brokers in Europe, South America and the Middle East for exotic produce only available in that longitude and latitude.

Our produce is carefully stored in precision temperature warehouse and transportation vehicles to guarantee superior freshness upon arrival in your kitchen.

The new product catalogue is "coming soon".