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Discerning buyers and decision makers take food quality seriously.

This new generation of industry leaders insists on serving exceptional, fresh, nutritious and safe farm-to-table produce as a matter of practice, not limited to special occasions or the seasons.

That’s where J.W. Lopes delivers.

Before the phrase “farm-to-table” was introduced into everyday conversation, J.W. Lopes had distinguished itself as the purveyor of choice in the farm-to-table food chain. We’ve gotten very, very good over the years at vetting exceptional produce and dairy best from the rest, applying the strictest food safety standards, such as Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points (HACCP) to our facility.

As an established fourth-generation, family-owned business, J.W. Lopes wholesales only premium produce and dairy sourced from this nation’s most respected growers. The standards these growers are required to meet in order to have their produce represented among the J.W. Lopes’ select offerings are rigorous. Just-picked freshness isn’t just a goal; it’s a requirement.

We not only bring our customers the best hand-nurtured and grown produce, but we companion that with the best prices possible. We run a tight ship so that we can continue to keep our prices at their lowest possible rate, ensuring that your food purchasing power goes a long, long way.

J.W. Lopes is the trustworthy supply partner to the industry serving greater Massachusetts from Boston Harbor to Worchester and from New Hampshire on the north to Rhode Island on the south.

Fresh, frequent and friendly service is our thing.

Fresh, frequent and friendly service is our thing.

For 100 years, J.W. Lopes has made garden-fresh farm-to-table produce available to our valued customers with deliveries. It doesn’t get fresher than that!

We travel the planet to bring home the finest.

J.W. Lopes sources food products from the top-tier growers and brokers worldwide so that your establishment can serve the expected and the highly unexpected on menus. We harvest the best-of-the best products from proven producers nationwide, and of course from prized local and regional growers.

We handle our products with nurturing care.

From field to shelf, we apply best practices to keep our food safe and fresh. Our produce and dairy is transported in solid, refrigerated trucks to our warehouses. Our warehouses are designed to provide exceptional and appropriate storage to maintain quality and nutritional value.

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Empowering our customers through superior service


We are family

For four generations, J.W. Lopes has delivered premier food products to America’s Northeast...


Green matters

We practice sustainability and commitment to reduction of our carbon footprint...


Inspired foods

We continue to seek new and best vendors to bring customers variety and choice...


Road warriors

J.W. Lopes delivers 2x a day to ensure that customers have all they need always ...


Our green practices go way beyond lettuce

Sure our greens are super healthy. That’s a result of sourcing the purest products possible. But our operational methods are green too.

Sustainability is not just a word

We insist growers apply low environmental impact practices to their operations. Our dairy producers practice animal health, milk hygiene, animal nutrition, animal welfare, and environment and socio-economic management.

High quality in real time

We practice strict temperature adherence for fresh products at every step of the food supply chain. Our cold chain compliance optimizes flavor and nutrition.

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Our green practices go way beyond lettuce
Food is now the protagonist

Food is now the protagonist

In the last few years, food has been transformed into an art. See for yourself on your favorite entertainment channel. It’s top of topic for J.W. Lopes’ customers and their end-users. Seriously, is that cake?

J.W. Lopes variety for all reasons

Key to our customers’ success is awareness of food trends and the impact on consumer behavior. No one solution is perfect for all restaurants, hospitality, institutions, et al. We help our

What’s trending?

Organic and pasture-raised eggs, environmentally friendly packaging: translation: paper vs plastic. Beyond that customers are increasingly health conscious. They want produce and dairy without the use of synthetic pesticides, antibiotics, and genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

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Karen's Corner

Welcome to Karen's Corner, where we explore the freshest and most delightful fruits and vegetables each month.

Welcome to Karen's Corner, where we explore the freshest and most delightful fruits and vegetables each month.

Welcome back to Karen's Corner! June is here, and with it comes the exciting start of our local growing season. There'...

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