Rest? No Way.
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Rest? No Way.

J.W. Lopes is the trustworthy supply partner to five-star restaurants, food brokers award-winning service providers and exceptional grocers. We serve the greater Massachusetts area from Boston Harbor on the east to Worcester on the west and from New Hampshire on the north to Rhode Island on the south.

Our loading docks are refrigerated to ensure the cold chain is consistent from the moment we receive the produce until it is delivered to our customer’s kitchen. Our refrigerated warehouse in Chelsea, Massachusetts, New England’s produce center, features a temperature-controlled warming room to ripen bananas, tomatoes and the like. Our products are platform-stored to enhance circulation and extend freshness. Delivery by our refrigerated fleet of trucks means that our product, your produce, doesn’t suffer from inconsistent temperatures en route to your location.

We have a saying around here: we’re only as good as our last delivery. That tells you how significant each delivery and client is in our book.