Why J.W. Lopes

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In our experience we've found that service is just as important as looks and flavor.

5 Reasons J.W. Lopes is the produce provider you should rely on:

  1. We’ve been in this business for nearly 100 years. That longevity alone sets J.W. Lopes apart.
  2. Sourcing outstanding and nutritious farm-to-table varietals is our business. Restaurateurs, institutions, grocers count on us every day.
  3. We have invested nearly a century in establishing relationships with exceptional growers worldwide in order to be the front running resource for the best produce of every kind in any season.
  4. Responsive customer service is what fuels our operations. We’re available 24/7 so that our customers are never without the produce they need, even on the spur of the moment.
  5. Reliable deliveries, twice a day, mean we’re there for our customers where they need us when they need us.

Count on J.W. Lopes every day of the week, and every season for superior, safe farm-to-table produce.